With a rich background in quality construction practices our Value Added products ensure that your creation will be more durable and sustainable.

    Our Value Added Products include:

  • - construction chemicals to save from seepage, peeling and cracks,
  • - wall fill solutions for architectural freedom, and
  • - cover blocks for strong, lightweight and stable frameworks.
Duraguard Cement

A high performance, non-shrink, tile fixing product with high bond strength. Only water needs to be added to the product for the desired consistency at the time of application and it’s ready for application. Enriched with SAP (Special Active Polymers), Zero M Speedex has FASTER BONDING and FASTER ADHESION which works on both walls and floors.

Areas of Application

Duraguard is suitable for practically all types of RCC works like

  • Highly recommended for fixing ceramic, vitrified and mosaic tiles, stone and marble works
  • Perfect for different kinds of surfaces – floors and walls
  • Tile on tile application for most repair and rehabilitation works


The shelf life is 12 months from date of production, if stored properly and in dry conditions, keeping original sealed packaging undamaged and unopened.

Areas of Application

  • Make sure, surface to be tiled is clean, free from grease, oil etc. and in SSD (Saturated Surface Dry) condition.
  • Keep mixing Zero M Speedex slowly into water until a uniform, lump-free mortar consistency is achieved. NOTE: Approx. 5-6 ltr. of water is required for a 20 kg bag of tile adhesive.
  • Apply the mixture on the wall or floor using a trowel, keeping a thickness of 4-6 mm and comb with a notch trowel. NOTE: Do not spread it over 1 sq.m. of area at a time.
  • Fix the tile firmly into a position in a sliding motion Hammer gently with soft mallet for better bonding.
  • Leave adequate and desirable joints between the tiles by using spacers.
  • Clean off the excessive adhesive between the joints and on tiles with a damp cloth.


  • Enriched with SAP-provides outstanding non-shrink and adhesion properties.
  • Fast setting and quick strength development - ensures speedier jobs.
  • Excellent mechanical strength.
  • Superior bond strength-prevents surface peel-off.
  • Improved impact-resistance.
  • Easy application.
  • No extra post construction care is needed.
  • High water-resistance.
Duraguard Cement

Zero M Latex Expert shields the interior and exterior walls of your home from severe moisture damage by acting as an expert waterproofing compound for the concrete mix, thereby imparting longevity to the construction and reducing shrinkage and cracking of the mix.

Multipurpose Repair

Zero M Latex Expert is a multipurpose product that acts as the compound that improves new-to-old concrete/plaster bonding and strength characteristics, repair spalled mortar or concrete in damaged structures, provides durability, can be used to repair mortar, render, repair plaster or crack repair plaster.

Expert Waterproofing Compound

Zero M Latex Expert is Styrene Butadiene co-polymer latex with high dispersive properties that gauges water as required in the concrete mix, thereby improving mortar or concrete qualities and acting as a protective covering for homes against water damage, especially in the tropical countries with heavy monsoons.

Surface Preparation for Easy Application

  • Clean surface area with wire brush / scrubber to remove laitance and grit
  • Repair the concrete spalled portion by suitable mechanical means
  • Expose corroded rebars in the repairing areas and remove deposits
  • Prime reinforced steel with bonding agent immediately after cleaning
  • Pre-wet the surface to be repaired before application

Areas of Application

  • Bond coat or grout additive: Structural repairing, plaster, masonry brick jointing, etc.
  • Protective covering / mortar: Structures exposed to fumes or chemicals, corrosion, salt attack etc.
  • Structural repairs: Foundation, abrasion resistant flooring, cracked walls etc.
  • Waterproofing / repair mortar: Water tanks, swimming pools, terraces, parapets, bathroom etc.


  • Waterproofing agent to help build moisture resistant homes
  • Multipurpose – reduces mixing time through high dispersion of polymer, economic, acts as a waterproof coat for walls, improves strength of concrete or mortar
  • Enhances durability and provides better structure to constructions by effectively repairing damaged concrete or mortar
  • Higher bond and adhesive strength with high abrasion resistance for repairing structures
  • Single component to bind the mix and improve quality
Duraguard Cement

Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty from Nuvoco, provides a smooth finish on the surfaces of walls, prevents cracks, flakes, peels, and dampness – on both interior and exterior walls – that occurs due to changes in the weather. Poly Rich Wall Putty provides extensive, superior coverage and saves the walls. Its high water repelling characteristic prevents dampness and formation of discolored patches, year after year.

Areas of Application


Zero M Poly Rich Wall Putty comes with the Polymer advantage which protects from water damage, cracks and dampness and makes your walls super smooth and durable.Take a small and manageable quantity (consumption for 1.5 to 2 hours) of POLY RICH wall putty in a pan. Add 35-40% water gradually and mix thoroughly for 5-10 minutes, till the paste is smooth and lump free.


New Surface: All dirt, dust, loose foreign materials shall be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Ensure any cracks, fissures, voids, protrusion, depression etc are repaired before hand

Old Painted/Unpainted Surface: All old paints, dirt, dust, shall be removed and cleaned thoroughly with steel wire brush or steel plates that the base plaster gets almost exposed. In case of cracks, fissures, voids, depression etc., these should be repaired before applying.

Extremely Rough Surface: Such surfaces should be smoothed with a thin white cement mortar, prior to the putty work, and cured for a couple of days. At the time of the application of putty, the surface should be in saturated surface dry condition.

Area Affected by Efflorescence/ Saltpeter Action: Such surfaces need to be thoroughly scrapped with wire brush/ emery paper/ sandpaper and treated with mild citric acid prior to the putty work. Within 30 minutes of application, the area should be washed with clean water to remove any traces of acid. Apply putty on saturated dry surface.


  • Crack-proof interior and exterior surfaces making it versatile
  • Smooth finish due to Polymer rich cement base with higher bonding property
  • All-weather proof durable substance for a well prepared surface
  • Water Protected with high water resistance
  • Strength comparable to cement lamina
  • Economical with 10-15% less consumption.
  • Easy application and more coverage than other putty
Duraguard Cement

Our Premium Plastic Cover Blocks are strong, lightweight and uniform which help create more stable frameworks.

Duraguard Cement

ZERO M Water Shield is an all-purpose, integral, waterproofing solution that can be used from the basement to the roof to prevent seepage, peeling, and cracks on the walls. It also addresses common problems in old constructions such as a leaking roof, damp walls, plaster cracks, and efflorescence with the right waterproofing solutions to ensure proper treatment and durability.

Areas of Application

  • Fresh Concrete
  • External Plaster
  • Water Tanks
  • Reservoirs
  • Protective Layers
  • Bathroom Walls and Floors
  • Roofs
  • Garden Elements


  • Improves durability
  • Increases strength
  • Withstands rusting
  • Combats dampness and peeling of plaster
  • Restricts Harmful harmful chemicals
  • Enhances overall construction performance.

Storage & Shelf life

ZERO M should be stored in a cool dry place. It has a shelf life of 12 months.

Method of Usage:

  • Add 150ml of ZERO M for every 50 kgs of cement.
  • Mix it directly with gauging water. Where mixing with gauging water is not possible it should be poured onto the aggregates in the feeder.
  • Mix the concrete or mortar thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.
  • Fully cure the substrate at least 10 days.