Nuvoco cements are among the foremost in the industry. Concreto, Duraguard Microfiber are some of the most premium products available today. With a legacy of innovation from our Laboratory, Nuvoco strives to bring you the best in construction materials

    What makes us stand out ? Our variants have an edge over others with

  • Innovations from our world class experts
  • Best BIS standards rating, and
  • Best raw materials available gives our products a premium quality
Duraguard Cement

Duraguard is a Portland Pozzolana Cement or PPC variant, with unique and uniform particle size distribution. This helps create a high density concrete mix that attributes towards structural durability and resistance to cracks. It is perfectly suited for a variety of construction jobs, from building foundations to fixing tiles fixing, from plastering to roof casting. It is compliant with BIS specifications and benchmarks; assuring the high quality of PPC.

Areas of Application

Duraguard is suitable for practically all types of RCC works like

  • residential buildings,
  • multi-storeyed buildings,
  • mass concrete works,
  • underground concrete works,
  • roofing and all types of plasters,
  • masonry and tile fixing works.


Ordinary cement particles allow seepage of water and chloride, making a structure weak from inside. With the unique Void Reduction Technology, Duraguard increases the strength and density of concrete and stops the attack of harmful elements. This is why houses made with Duraguard are strong from inside and last forever.

Advantages of VRT

  • Makes concrete impenetrable concrete
  • Prevents iron rods from rusting
  • Provides strong compact cement particles
  • Reduces inter-granular space with Void Reduction Technology
Duraguard Cement

Introducing Duraguard Xtra with ‘Superset Technology’. A revolutionary technology that uses optimum amount of water to lend the cement enhanced work-ability, high compaction and optimum setting time through a unique ball bearing mechanism. It renders balance to the strength and duress of the concrete making it the perfect companion for building your perfect home.


Duraguard Xtra gives high density concrete or mortar by decreasing voids between cement particles. The factors that contribute towards reduction in its internal friction are:

  • Water Content
  • Aggregate/ Cement Ratio
  • Size of Aggregate
  • Shape of Aggregates
  • Grading of Cement Particles and Aggregates
  • Surface Texture of Cement Particle and Aggregates
  • Use of Admixture


  • Higher work-ability at lower water-cement ratio
  • Work-ability Enhancing Cement Technology for easier application
  • Optimum setting time without compromising strength
  • 360 degree compact packing and interlocking
  • Secures reinforcing steel bars against external weathering agents
  • Best in class advanced Superset Technology
Duraguard Cement

Duraguard RapidX Cement sets quick and provides unmatched strength and safety to structures.

  • It is a unique OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) which exhibits quicker setting properties while keeping DURABILITY intact.
  • It is produced through a state of the art technology from selected mix of superior grade lime stone.
  • It makes construction faster irrespective of the design mix.

Areas of Application

Duraguard RapidX is suitable for practically all types of RCC works like,

  • Residential buildings
  • Multi-storeyed buildings
  • Roofing and all types of plasters
  • Critical tunneling, landslide jacketing/guniting.
  • Higher grades of concrete to suit special requirements.
  • Emergency concrete works
  • Emergency repair works
  • Prestressed concrete


What makes DG RapidX different are:

  • Superior quality of cement with high consistency which is required for any good construction
  • The Limestone used goes through a stringent quality check to match the cement quality and arrive at the perfect blend of materials
  • Superior compressive strength ensures economy in any cement mix

The main benefits of DG RapidX are:

  • Higher rate of Strength Gaining
  • Reduction in Construction Cycle Time
  • Better Workability
  • Overall Economy
  • Optimally managed Heat of Hydration
Duraguard Cement

lnfracem is a high quality cement, available as Ordinary Portland Cement, 53 Grade (IS 269:2015) and Portland Pozzolona Cement (IS 1489 Part 1:1991). It is best suited for heavy construction work including mass concreting, foundations and RCC work. It offers a consistent quality to deliver high performance even in very demanding infrastructure projects.

Salient Features:

  • - State-of-the-art grinding technology which ensures high levels of uniformity in particle size distribution that delivers densest possible concrete mix with lesser water demand
  • - Produced with superior quality clinker and highest quality of pozzolonic material
  • - High ultimate strength and high soundness along with low heat of hydration renders the structure with strength and long term durability
  • - Offers optimum setting time well suited to Indian weather conditions and construction practices
  • - Increases the durability of structures by lowering any detrimental effect of expansion
  • - Offers uniform deliverance of physical & chemical characteristics which suits all types of weather conditions

Areas of Application

This cement can be applied on mainly large construction sites that need to withstand extreme external conditions over a long period of time.


This product has 3 Superior benefits

  • Superior Workability:
    Infracem retains its plastic state for a relatively longer period of time, making it easier to work with even in remote construction sites.
  • Superior Consistency:
    Each batch of Infracem cement is tested against a number of set quality parameters so as to ensure product consistency with minimum variation in strength and other quality parameters, batch after batch.
  • Superior Soundness:
    Cement sometimes contains free lime which may cause expansion, leading to cracks and structural weaknesses. Every batch of Infracem is tested to ensure minimum free lime content. Also, soundness tests are conducted to ensure long-term durability.